Army Plaque Group A Style with Simulated Walnut Plaque Board Army Plaque Style Group A mounted on a simulated Black Marble Plaque Board

Group A Style Plaques

on Simulated Walnut and Black Marble Plaque Boards
The logo is printed on a 4 in metal disk and mounted in a gold wreath.
The engraved plate is black brass with a gold border.
Also available in Genuine Walnut in 8X10 and 9X12 sizes

8 X 10 Simulated Walnut or Black Marble - $39.95
8 X 10 Genuine USA Walnut - $69.95
9 X 12 Simulated Walnut or Black Marble - $46.95
9 X 12 Genuine USA Walnut - $86.95

Group A style not available in 7 X 9 size.

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